Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hey, good lookin', look what I've been cookin'!

I'm going to take a momentary detour away from foodage to show you what I've been cooking up all week!  I changed classrooms this year and have finally got everything *mostly* set up.  Enjoy!

This is the right side of my classroom, just inside the door.  The short tables will be our writing center, and I got mini mailboxes from Goodwill so the kids can write letters to one another.

This is my classroom library!  I rescued that bookcase from the trash last year and painted it.  I've still got lots of books in the cabinets, but this will get the kids started on learning how to put them in the correct baskets.  To your left is the listening/Leappad center and a colorful student work display.

The little bookshelf will be used to house students' independent browsing boxes.  I made the curtains for my horseshoe table and teacher desk last year and draped some extra fabric over the bulletin board to cover its yellowy ugliness.  My time-out table (aka the Chill Chair) is to the left of the bookcase.

This will be our word wall.  Mom helped me out early this week by hanging LOTS of border for me.  (Thanks Mom!)

This is the front of the room.  My calendar stuff will all be set up off to the right, but I don't have everything checked out to me yet.

This will be the gallery for all those wonderful masterpieces the kids bring for me!

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